Issue 51: Consume


Our summer issue No. 51 thoughtfully and bravely engages the topic of "Consume." In preparing this issue, we heard all kinds of stories from our Readers' Notes section of the magazine about how and where and what you've consumed or been consumed by. And we gathered amazing work from our contributors on consuming love, distraction and what consumes our attention, gun violence in schools, the things that fill our childhood, consumerism in America, our earth's resources, and so much more. This kind of deep attention on an issue that really matters is special. Happy reading! 

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The Foundation above Us, Porter Huddleston
The Proctor’s Manual, Kristin Leclaire

The Ballplayers, Tom Lakin
The State Lane, Brooke Fossey

Ode to Temple Crowds, Uma Menon
Our Compulsion, Erin Carlyle
Nobody knows you when you’re down and out, Kristina Martino
It Is the Season of Falling & All I Can Remember Is the Taste of My Mother’s Laughter, Ojo Taiye
Stage III Prayer, Diane LeBlanc
A Vocabulary of Father, Lauren Camp
All These Years, I Have Never Said the Word, Nicholas Samaras
The Hole Is as Hopeful as Any, Christine Jones
Afresh, Nora Kirkham
Conditional, Tommy D’Addario
Self Portrait with Staghorn Berries, William Kelley Woolfit
Urban Landscape, Dave Harrity
Evening Rain in Tel Aviv, Dave Harrity
Self-Portrait as Someone Else’s Yard Cardinal, Patrick Whitfill 
Awaiting Instruction, Jeff Hardin

The art of Michael Janis
The art of Rick Beerhorst
Golden Binoculars, Namdoo Kim
The art of Patrick McGrath Muñez
The art of Carrie Dickason
The art of Jack Michael
The art of Michèle Colburn
Mending Gold: When Will It Be Enough?, Brooks Harris Stevens
Trajectory Patterns, Jen Graham
Abstract Peaces, Tsoku Maela 
The art of Clara Lieu

Cover art: Golden Binoculars by Namdoo Kim

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