Issue 42: Forming One Another


Life is full of interactions, moments of connection and convergence that build us into who we are. The ways in which we have formed one another are many.

In this issue, we explore the marks left by the process of living. Issue No. 42: Forming One Another runs fingers over stretch marks and tongues over chipped teeth. It lifts the veil of everyday life and looks at the memories that make us with compassion and care.

FEATURING  FICTION from Joseph Truscello, Karoline Strickland, and Amber MV + POETRY from Charnell Peters and Michael Mlekoday + NONFICTION from John Kimmey, Kerry Muir, and Fortunato Salazar + 2016 Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize recipient Lucas Moneypenny, awarded by juror Scott Kolbo.


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