Issue 40: Nowhere Near


(Limited number of print copies left)

Sometimes we find ourselves nowhere near the place we most want to be. In that moment we stand on the border between isolation and solitude, loneliness and being alone. 

Issue No: 40 is an invitation to encounter art and story on what it means to be nowhere near—nowhere near familiarity, a sense of belonging, family, or even nowhere near ourselves. Join us in discovering new insights that emerge when we're willing to gaze into the faraway.

FEATURING: 2016 Janet B McCabe Poetry Prize recipients judged by Alice Fulton + 2016 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize recipients judged by Marilyn McEntyre 

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Jeremiah on the Plains, Tony Lusvardi
Labyrinths, Jenn Koiter
The Stone Nose, Brian Doyle

Rainy Season, Angela Doll Carlson
Whatever Sells, Cara Bayles

Alone, Gareth Davis III
In|Dependiente series, Crystal Latimer 
We Want Our View and Eat it Too series, Tammi Brazee

Yellow, Melissa Reeser Poulin
Small Implosions, Barbara Ellen Sorensen
Deer Apples, Sally Thomas
The Lord, Walking in the Evening, Michael Schmidtke
The Lord Considers the Subject, Michael Schmidtke
As a Girl I Practiced Death, Cornelia Hoogland
Letter to My Daughter Perhaps / Someday, Mark Wagenaar
Then: soon after that: next in order of time, Kristina Moriconi
Poem for All That Has Been Lost or Will Be, Thom Caraway
Jinni Passing, Aumaine Gruich
:Flotsam, Sam Gilpin
imbroglio, Lary Kleeman
Xenoglossia, Megan Merchant
Soundstripe, Jess Williard
The Kingdom of Heaven Makes a Brief Appearance, Stephen Hitchcock

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