Issue 27: Glimpses

For us, art is a glimpse into the good stuff—the beauty and pain and love that we all want to understand. It’s the longing that occurs when we’ve witnessed a glimmer of something truthful or something lovely. These glimpses give us hope. They make sweet knits and purls down the middle of our minds.

In this issue, our contributors explore all of those glimpses in all their brightness. There are cucumber tendrils climbing a fence, a missionary knocking on the door, and moments, as Kristin George Bagdanov writes, that are “held like a vowel/inside the mouth.” These glimpses, as brief and blurry as they sometimes are, offer us the chance to be moved, lifted, and transformed.

FEATURING Brian Baumgart, Rachel Faldet, David Brendan Hopes, Lydia Larson + 2013 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize judged by Mark Richard, winner David Brendan Hopes

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