Issue 17: Pilgrimage


In some ways, every story is a pilgrimage—an intentional search for sacred things.

In this issue, our contributors took us on journeys of all kinds—from losing one’s house to fire, traveling to a Taizé monastery in France, floating past the English countryside on a canal boat, and journeying through Philadelphia, to an evening in the Boreal forest, a lost chance for love, the Idaho State Roadkill Fur Auction, and making a shelter. It bears proof that we are all pilgrims traveling great distances and depths to see the sacred place.

FEATURING 2011 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize judged by Vito Aiuto

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Owls, Hannah VanderHart
God Shed His Grace, Ryan Harper
Waiting for Midnight, Ellaraine Lockie
Orchids and the Way, Rachel Dacus
Returning to Bear Lake, Heather Matesich Cousins
Remnants, Richard Osler
Another Winter, Emily Hayes
Five Stones, Chelsea Henderson
A Last Sunday in Charlottesville, Chelsea Henderson
The Leper Attends the Idaho State Roadkill Fur Auction, Thom Caraway
You'll Never Be Here Again, Thom Caraway
If I could, Kelly Beahm
The Remaking, Sara Maria Harenchar
Hibernaculum, Sally Molini
Late Season Day Trip, Maryann Corbett

Home, Bill Cass
Ash Wednesday, Heather A. Goodman

é, April Schmidt
Fair Bodvar, Ellen O'Connell

Alliance Catholique, Lourdes, Christiane Buuck
The Forwarding Address, Marianne Lettieri
You Can't Go Home Again, Marianne Lettieri
Holy Water (Vatican), Ken Gibson
Lovetown, PA Series, Gene Schmidt
Untitled 1, Mandy Thrasher
Untitled 9, Mady Thrasher
Threshold, Stephen Mead


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