Issue 15: Borrowing

Our life is not our own. Our life is a borrowed life. Or, as contest judge David James Duncan said in response to this issue’s prizewinner (Shann Ray’s “The Miracles of Vincent Van Gogh), “We are all renters.”  “The Miracles of Vincent Van Gogh” moved our staff so much that were inspired to use its idea of borrowing as the theme for this issue. Its narrator John Sender, a loan officer and a man in love, says that every man borrows: “They borrowed what they felt they needed. And not just from him, from everyone, and not just money, they borrowed everything.” Borrowing, it seems, is quite possibly the only redeemable perspective with which to view life and life’s end.

In this issue, our contributors help us to live in the light of “Remember you will die” and remember that death infuses our beautiful, borrowed life.

FEATURING Shann Ray, Barb Crooker, Jeremy B. Jones, Jess Erickson + The 2010 Short Story Prize Winner

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