Issue 13: Confession


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Ruminate’s existence is tenuous, but we believe our existence is worth fighting for and worth celebrating. And what a celebration this issue is, full of vibrant confessions of all kinds-of faith and doubt, of brokenness and beauty, and even a poet’s confession of one of her life’s greatest delights: “…when a redbird’s wing/brushed my cheek as she took flight.”

Such acts of intimacy and honesty deliver a kind of universal pause and send us all searching for our own confessions that need sharing or professing, our own redbirds to brush our cheeks.

FEATURING 2009 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize judged by Scott Cairns, winner Courtney King Kampa

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At Noon, Courtney King Kampa
From Wall to Wall: A Walk Beneath Goldfinches, Lauren Schmidt
Wood Lasts, John Fitzpatrick
from my seat under the bell, Darcy Halstead
Fraud, Ruth Spalding
Prestidigitation, Judith Deem Dupree
Along the Natchez Trace, Adie Smith
What Has Been Woven, Adie Smith
Vast, D.R. James
Venice, in the Absence of Faith, Laurie Klein
The Dead of the Day, Richard Osler
Catholic Girl, Lisa Cronkhite
To a Fishing Father, Mattie Quesenberry Smith
Time is pouring out of the pitcher and I fail to drink it, Diane Tucker
Porch Rhapsody, Karen Luke Jackson
And after the fire a sound of sheer silence, Don Thompson
I am a stranger in the earth, Don Thompson

40 Days, April Schmidt

I Ate the Apple at Seven, Jesse McBride

A Stone I Could Not Lift, Diane Glancy

Two Witnesses, Aaron Lee Benson
The Thin Narrow Eternal Way, Aaron Lee Benson
Lazarus and Rich Man Detail, Aaron Lee Benson
Womb, Nora Howell
Embodied, Nora Howell

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