General Magazine Submissions: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, & Art

General magazine submissions are always free. We currently pay $15/poem and  $15/400 words for prose. Ruminate firmly believes in paying our contributors, and we are working hard to increase the amount we pay them. We only accept submissions that are previously unpublished, and we do accept simultaneous submissions. If you agree to allow Ruminate to publish your work, we will receive first serial rights.

Before submitting, we strongly recommend ordering a copy of the magazine in order to better understand the type of work we publish and to tailor your submission accordingly. If you are interested in receiving writing feedback from the Ruminate staff, please review our writing critique sessions. We also ask all artists and writers previously published in Ruminate to wait two reading periods before submitting again. We ONLY accept online submissions, as our readers are spread across the country. Any submissions made by postal mail or email will not be considered. Please wait for a response to your submission before sending us more work.

A word about our faith perspective: The Ruminate editors are seekers and people of faith from the Judeo-Christian tradition. We are often asked if we only publish “religious” work. The answer to that is no. We believe that a good word, a real story, or a perfect brushstroke can be spiritual acts expressing the beauty, creativity, and ironies of the human experience. So, we often publish work that has no overt or obvious connection to faith or spirituality because we believe that the good work, itself, is spiritual, without any mention of God in the actual content. Ruminate also welcomes submissions that both subtly and overtly engages faith from all the world religions.

We know that sharing your art is a brave act–we look forward to seeing your work!

Magazine Submissions

Reading Periods for General Magazine Submissions

  • Poetry Submissions: General Magazine Submissions Reading period: June 1st-December 15th. (Between December 16th-May 15th we will only accept poetry submissions to our Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize.)  You may submit up to five poems (we prefer 3-5), with a maximum of 60 lines per poem; include all poems in a single document. Please submit no more than once every six months. We currently pay poetry contributors $15 per poem and in contributor copies.Submit your poetry here
  • Fiction: General Magazine Submissions Reading period: February 16th-August 14th. (Between August 15th-February 15th we will only accept fiction submissions to our William Van Dyke Short Story Contest). We accept pieces that are 5,500 words or less. You may submit one fiction piece per reading period. We currently pay fiction contributors $15 per 400 words and in contributor copies.
  •  Nonfiction: General Magazine Submissions Reading period: November 19th-May 14th. (Between May 15th and November 18th we only accept nonfiction submissions to our Vandermey Nonfiction Contest.)  We accept all forms of creative nonfiction—essays, short memoirs, literary journalism, etc. We only accept pieces that are under 5,500 words. We currently pay nonfiction contributors $15 per 400 words and in contributor copies.
  • Visual Art: General Magazine Submissions Reading period: September 19th-February 15th. (From June 15th-September 18th we only accept visual art submissions to our Kalos Art Prize.) Visual artists may submit images through our online submission manager. We are currently able to pay visual art contributors $15 per image and in contributor copies.
    • Professional quality digital images in TIFF or JPG formats (if JPG, saved in “baseline” or “standard” format at the highest quality possible) and CMYK color model. Note: Please do not submit PPT or PPTX presentations.
    • A minimum of 320 dpi
    • Between 1200 and 2400 pixels in the longest dimension
    • Brief biographical/artist statement

To submit your work, please use our online submission form below.
Our response time is approximately 3-4 months.  If you still haven’t heard from us after four months, feel free to contact us.