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Please note we are only accepting poetry for critiques at this time. All workshops are led by Ruminate’s poetry editor Kristin George Bagdanov.  Choose from options below, or inquire about full manuscript critiques. Questions? Email Kristin at Single Critique Will take...

Dangerous Margins

February 01, 2012

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Maps without Us

January 18, 2018

For my mother, the directions were gospel; for my father, suggestive. He would stare at the highlighted segment of roads, and then improvise to find alternative routes to our destination. Ones that might take us closer to a historical site or through a “scenic byway.” To my father, the maps could be both guide and reference.

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On the Poetry of “Forming One Another”

April 20, 2017

Lately there has been much talk of bubbles, walls, and divisions—forms we conjure to perpetuate the myth of isolation and individualism: that we can live our lives unaffected by others, gatekeepers of our own private kingdoms. But bodies and borders are porous;

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Editors Ruminate: On Haunting

July 10, 2018

The four long poems in this issue will haunt you. You will see in them the faces of children who have been relegated to sacrifice zones; how the smallest measure of matter becomes the destroyer of worlds; how a home buckles under the weight of its history.

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