Ruminate Happenings Fundraiser

Tickets Sold:

                                            90     105

Thank you for supporting our artists and writers this year! If you’ve enjoyed the event, you can purchase a donor ticket to show your support! 

What is Ruminate Happenings? Well, Ruminate isn't an ordinary nonprofit, so of course we couldn't host just an ordinary fundraiser. Inspired by the “happenings” of the 1960s, where people showed up and made good things together, we decided to create our own version of this goodness! Between May 19-23, our brave writers and artists will go live on Facebook to spontaneously create poetry, art, little stories, and small essays for our community. Folks can purchase a ticket with a writer or artist, and in exchange they will receive an original creation as part of a whole digital journal in celebration of this event. To encourage connection with our contributors, ticket holders will be asked to fill out prompts to inspire their artist/writer. We also invite you to join us on Facebook to watch the creation being made live. It is a wild ride, and we're so excited to have you join us on this adventure!

***Once you purchase your ticket, we will be in touch with a few questions so that your artist can get to know you better. We will also shoot you an email to let you know when your artist will go live on our Facebook account. Don't have social media or worried you might miss your artist? No problem! The videos will be available on our website after the event.***


Schedule (Pacific Daylight Time)


8-9 Rachel King

9-10 Mark Wagenaar

11-12 C.T. Salazar

12-1 Trinh Mai

1-2 William Woolfitt

2-3 Monica Jimenez

3-4 Courtney Hartman 


8-9 Andrew Taylor-Troutman

9-10 Jason Villemez

11-12 Charity Gingerich

2-3 Doug Cornett

3-4 Allyson Armistead


8-9 Keira Havens 

9-10 Patrick Whitfill

11-12 Kate Gaskin

12-1 Chris Benson

2-3 Emily McIlroy

3-4 Sean Conrey


8-9 Karoline Strickland

9-10 Alex Mouw

10-11 Matthew Landrum

11-12 Thom Caraway

12-1 Chaun Ballard

1-2 Lary Kleeman

2-3 Laurel Dowswell

3-4 Leslie Pearson


8-9 Anne McGrath

9-10 Josh MacIvor-Andersen

10-11 Melissa Poulin

11-12 Katie Manning

12-1 Jonathan Jones

1-2 Catherine Hervey

2-3 Carly Joy Miller

3-4 Shann Ray