Issue 37: Being Known


For this issue of Ruminate, we explore what it means to be known. How can we know ourselves and those around us? When have we remembered or realized that we're not alone? What is like when a person or a piece of art “gets” you? Or doesn’t. Can we ever be truly, wholly known? Join us in exploring and reflecting on these questions and much more!

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FEATURING 2015 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize judged by Amy Lowe. 

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Maybelline in the Tower, Doug Cornett
The Shed, Will Jones
The Body in Silence, Elizabeth Kaye Cook

Review of In the Middle of Many Mountains by Nahal Suzanne Jamir, Rita Jones

Rose Window, Marianne Lettieri
Emptied and Consumed , Marianne Lettieri
Desire to Remember Series, Marianne Lettieri
The Biography of Objects Series, Doug Calisch
Mixture 79,  Doug Calisch
Sitings #4,  Doug Calisch

Colonized, Derrick Austin
Self-Portrait as Saint Cecilia, Derrick Austin
Our Bed, John Poch

Carrión de los Condes, Vivé Griffith
Condolences, Micah Chatterton
Poem for My 43rd Birthday, John Estes
Dear Valued User, Chris Campanioni
Kingfisher, Z.G. Tomaszewski
Empirical God, M. B McLatchey
Standing in the Ruins of Gomorrah, Abayomi Animashaun
Autobiography [Metathesis], Tyler Gobble
Via Negativa, Aaron Brown
Ave, Grandfather, Rebecca Lauren
The Recovery Stroke, Cindy King


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