Issue 61: Beginnings and Endings

Over the last year and a half, we have all found ourselves in a period with a clear beginning but an indefinite, elusive end. Life has been revealed as a labyrinth: a path we all wander on the journey between birth and death, between what is present, what is future, and what is past. 

Issue 61: Beginnings and Endings offers a window into our shared experiences of both genesis and cessation. Dream worlds are created. Friendships bloom, then wither. Time flexes "like a bow," the present "ballooning until the future and past touch." 

Featuring: Arah Ko, our 2021 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize Winner, as well as work from six additional finalists. Poetry and prose by Kim GarciaCynthia GrallaCatey Miller, and Phillip Watts Brown. Cover art by Veronika Moos.


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Goose, Kim Garcia
for Adminission Paperwork at the Eating Recovery Center, Brian Holmes
Fish Eye, Arah Ko
Blues, Londeka Mdluli
He Who Names the Animals, Jane Medved
Terrified Tremolo Hymn, Jed Myers
Elegy for a Brother Told in Three Parts, Tyler Smith
The Stars Are There in Daylight, Sarah Snyder
Adjacent to Light, Bethany Swann
For the Forced Amaryllis in My Lockdown Living Room, Christine Swint
To the Future Citizens of Ruin and Promise, Margaret Wack
Genesis in the Laundromat, Phillip Watts Brown



Sunday School, Catey Miller
The Fire, Tega Oghenechovwen
The Lost Pearl, Fei Sun


Friendship: A Haiku, Cynthia Gralla

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