Issue 58: What Remains

In the face of the immense grief that surrounds us, for this issue Ruminate Magazine editors decided to explore What Remains

“Everything is held together with stories,” writes the acclaimed author Barry Lopez, who died this past year, a few months after the Holiday Farm Fire destroyed his house and archives. “That is all that is holding us together. Stories and compassion.” 

This issue features the winners of our 2020 Broadside Poetry Prize.

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Readers Notes
Dianne Braley
Jennifer Christgau-Aquino
Matt Hoberg
Teresa Janssen
Tess Kelly
Kate LaDew
Catherine Lanser
Lynn Magill
Erin McDonough
Robin Michel
Zach Murphy
Traci Musick-Shaffer
Amy Nicholson
Beatriz Seelaender
Victoria Sottosanti

Photograph Late 1980s, Jessica Barksdale
On Buoyancy and the Loss of the Ability  to Worry, 
Janine Certo
Pasta Maker, Janine Certo
Waiting, Janine Certo
Epistle to My Unborn Child, Jordan Charlton
Gladiolus, Michael Dechane
Flashback with Paper Birch and Rock Garden, Bonnie Jill Emanuel
Snow, Kate Gaskin
C: The Language of Grief, Kathryn Petrucelli
Perseids, Crystal Stone
A Kind of Lightning, S. Yarberry  

Man of the House, Carrie Esposito
If Anyone Moves, Scott Pomfret

Never Mind, Bill Marsh

Visual Art 
The art of Erika Diettes
The art of Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva
The art of 
Amy Parrish 

An Apprenticeship with Sorrow, Laura H. Schwartz



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