Issue 57: Mend

This issue features the winning poem from the 2020 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize and will release early December.

1st place: Laura Budofsky Wisniewski "The Difference between a Year and a Lifetime" and 2nd place: Yvette Siegert "Papier-mâché"


In Another Dream Where My Father Apologizes, Hajjar Baban
Today, Chaun Ballard
Frequency and Pitch, Jennifer Barber
Kingdom, Charley Gibney
All Day the Stars, Catherine Abbey Hodges
For the Millions, Suzanne Lummis
Mammography, Megan Merchant
Postpartum, Samuel Piccone
The Sparrow in the Banquet Hall, Betsy Sholl
Papier-mâché, Yvette Siegert
Reversal, Samuel Ugbechie
The Difference Between a Year and a Lifetime, Laura Budofsky Wisniewski
Proposed Amendments to the Definition of Mend, David Wright
The Heart As Parabola, Haolun Xu

Greetings from Salonika, Peter Newall

Alterations, J. C. Elkins
How to Leave Paradise, Charlotte Gullick
Food for Me, I Am Food, Beaumont Sugar

Visual Art 
The art of Rachel Breen
The art of Delita Martin
The art of Jim Melchert
The art of Mark Newport
The art of Pinky