Issue 55: Under Pressure


Issue 55 examines how we are individually or collectively Under Pressure—in our relationships, in our communities, in our world. How do we react to pressure? How does it change us?  "In this country we are all made out of the same material," Amy Gong Liu writes in her poem "America," "and this night is sewn out of the same prideful doubt."

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Readers' Notes 
Jill Bronfman
J Grant
Miriam Karmel
Richard LeBlond
Jasmine Ledesma
Elizabeth Paley
Michelle Stiffler
Ann van Wijgerden
Maggie Wang
Monica Wang
Mckenzie Zalopany

Visual Art
The art of Taraneh Hemami
The art of Kathryn Clark

Nutcrackers, Jackie Connelly 
A List of Songbirds, Melanie S. Smith

America, Amy Gong Liu
No Myth, Stephanie Chang
Opposite Theory, Stephanie Chang
Season of Want, Casey Patrick
Inside a Mouth You Can Use Teeth the Way a Sailor Uses Stars, Jeff Whitney
Aubade with Ace Aro Woman, Kelly Weber
Lunch, Todd Dillard
Sometimes the Desert Almost Comes Alive for Me Again, Zack Rybak
Needles, Hailey Higdon
The Litany of the Body, Chris Haven

A Drifter, Arthur Diamond 
Grunt, Danilo John Thomas

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