Issue 53: Shelter


Issue No. 53: Shelter features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art exploring the universal longing for home and safety as well as questions around how we protect our self and others and the structures we build physically and metaphorically. 

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Encroachment, John Sibley Williams
Everbearing, Amy Trotter
God the Mother Speaks of Trees, Dayna Patterson
Fishing the Caddo, Jesse Breite
Opera, Gavin Yuan Gao
God As Rumpelstiltskin, Rebekah Hewitt
integument, Preeti Parikh
Dementia, or My Mother Is Not a Confederate Statue, Sally Rosen Kindred
The Wanting, Jed Myers
Lake Harriet, 2005, Karen Kubin
Praise on Pi Day, Lisa Rosenberg
Praise, Joshua Garcia
Looking at American Gothic, Catherine Turnbull
Buzz Aldrin Takes Communion on the Moon, Jendi Reiter

The art of Seth Clark

Light in Twelve Angles, Ari Koontz
Fisher of Men, Jack Campbell Jr.
Buttoned, Melissa Ostrom

Early Onset, John Picard
The Prescott Bridge, Lynn Gordon

Cover art: Rooftop Study by Seth Clark


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