Issue 50: What Sustains


In this our 50th Issue, we're exploring what sustains us as writers, artists, contemplatives, humans. We're celebrating the contemplative and intentional processes needed for sustaining our dreams, our stories, and our lives, while also nodding to the daily requirements of resilience and persistence required in creating and living awake to ourselves and our world. 

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The art of Jennifer Cronin: Seen and Unseen
The art of Margie Criner: If I Were King
The art of Emily McIlroy: The Lilies How They Grow
The art of Hanna Vogel

Throwing a Hail Mary, Vina Mogg
The Dampening of Desire, Laura Bond

Sasha, Henry Hietala 
The Estate Sale, Dara Passano

Love, Circular Saw Blade, C. T. Salazar
Noah’s Nameles Wife Takes Inventory, C. T. Salazar
Eve Begun, Arah Ko
Re-Genesis, Cameron Lawrence
Psalm 23 (II), Michael Angel Martín
Descendants, Emily Stoddard
Dear Love Poem, Dear Memory, Bess Cooley
But We Were Seawater, Monika Zobel
Safeway, L. A. Johnson
Small Time Paradiso, Mark Wagenaar
The Next Day There Were Birds, Amalie Kwassman
The Body’s Next Room, Sophia Stid
The Dash, Amy Pence
Ending with a Line by Wisɫawa Szymborksa, Anya Silver

Cover Design by Scott Laumann.

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