Issue 48: Exposure


Issue No. 48 is inspired by the winning short stories from our 2018 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize, and it features stories and poems and art exploring  vulnerability, safety, the body, and home. Exposure exists in tension. It is a state that makes one vulnerable to harm, however this vulnerability is often necessary for being in community. Read our poetry editor's thoughts on exposure and the poetry in Issue 48 here

FEATURING the 2018 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize recipients awarded by judge Susan Woodring.*

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Coda, Jason Villemez
Terra Incognita, Laura O'Gorman Schwartz
The Pistachio Farmer's Daughter, Heather M. Surls

Storm Shelters, Bethany Maile

The Art of Stephanie Serpick
The Art of Daesha Devón Harris
The Art of Richard Hart
The Art of Leah Oats

Minya, Egypt: May 26, 2017, Chaun Ballard
The Convert’s Heart Is Good to Eat, Melody S. Gee
Vampire on Dance Floor, Jess Turner
Lot’s Wife, Danielle Weeks
[My out-of-body experience], Levi Andalou
[Every present thing], Rebecca Doverspike
The Silk Lessons, Karen An-hwei Lee
Time Capsule of the Early Twenty-First Century, James Crews
from River, John Poch
Veil of Tears, John Blair
The Grotto, Kevin McLellan

*We regret a typo in the listing for our Short Story Prize in Issue 48.  The correct order of the recipients is as follows: Jason Villemez received first place, Heather M. Surls received second place, and Laura O'Gorman Schwartz received honorable mention.

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