Issue 45: Unfinished


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Our world loves completion. We strive to cross the finish line, to close that account, to play for keeps. The endings loom large in our vision, sometimes large enough to obscure the fact that the world—and us—will survive them.

The words, art, and stories in this issue give us permission to look away from the small victories and defeats and towards the larger, ever-unfinished world that we build together. They help us remember that the work of becoming is itself a beautiful thing and that we, living creatures all of us, are always in the middle of becoming who we are. 

FEATURING  the 2017 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize recipients awarded by judge Shane McCrae.

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The Anatomy of Gratitude, Leslie Colis Ward
Prodigal, E. VyVy Trinh
City of Dead, Alex Simand
From a Balcony Overlooking the El Yunque Rainforest, Tonia Colleen Martin

The Changeling, Matt Jones
Love is Sleeping on Broken China, Marisa Handler

Domestic Cyclone, Amy Reckley

Elizabeth Asks, Maggie Blake Bailey
Mary Remembers, Maggie Blake Bailey
Bookend Quote from Bro. Yao,  Amanda Hawkins
Elegy at the Crocker, Amanda Hawkins
All These Months Since Your Diagnosis, Emily Ransdell
Seasonal Work, Emily Ransdell
Trying to Conceive, Jen Stewart Fueston
Reading Langston Hughes to Our Unborn Child, Dante Di Stefano
The Whip-O-Whirl, Janine Certo
In the Hall of the Great North American Mammal, Mason Henderson
Observing a Girl Stepping over Worms, Jake Crist
Exit Report, Jehanne Dubrow
I Carry It with Me, Kerri Vinson Snell
Watching Smoke Signals in Late Autumn, with Fog and Cowboys—, Charity Gingerich
Dear Jonah, John Sibley Williams
Planting, Berwyn Moore
Southern Tongues Coda (Precision Dying), Mark Wagenaar

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