Issue 41: And The Soul Felt Its Worth


This issue is almost sold out--less than 15 copies remain in stock. 

We know what it feels like to question our self worth, to wonder if we're enough. Issue 41 is an invitation  to explore these questions by unplugging, slowing down, and making space to encounter honest art and stories.

In these pages, we're looking at the depth of our souls and exploring the reminders of worth and worthiness that fill our lives. Sometimes these are totems we have chosen, but often they are not. This issue offers the unexpected grace of finding worth in unlikely places. 

FEATURING  Fiction from Nicole Parsons, Amy Pechukas, and Jeff Marcus Wheeler + Poetry from Colin Channer, Laura Smith, and Ryo Yamaguchi 2016 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize recipients judged by Shann Ray.


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