Issue 35: A Loss For Words

There is so much than we can every say, and we must still try to say. In this issue, our contributors explore what Marilyn Robinson calls “the frontiers of the unsayable.” They struggle for words in the face of disease and deaths, weddings and music. Each piece brings us to the end of ourselves, a process which is both frightening and good. They help us to confront the limits of what we can articulate.

In this issue, we reach those limits in conversations with a generous, wholehearted family of Kurdish immigrants, in silences after unspeakable tragedies, through the eyes of a person with Alzheimer’s. Our contributors look at the beauty and agony of what cannot be said, all of them humbly reminding us to imagine the great unknown—at all of those things that leave us, in the end, at a loss for words.


FEATURING Esteban Ismael, D.L. Mayfield, Elizabeth Dark Wiley, Zahra Nazari + 2015 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize judged by Scott Russell Sanders

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