Issue 34: Keeping Things Whole


“Your faith has made you whole.” In this issue, our contributors explore what it means to long for wholeness in a fragmented world. They show us how to hope for reunion, to weep over severance, and to find beauty in the middle. 

We search for wholeness at the harbor of St. Paul’s, in a field of blackbirds, in the silences between estranged couples. We look at the complicated union between life and death in everyday experiences: in meals, in the backyard, on the highway. And through it all, our contributors teach us what it means for faith to make us whole.

FEATURING 2015 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize judged by Larry Woiwode

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Nesting Doll, Tori Malcangio
Offloading at St. Paul Harbor, Joseph Celizic
The Evil Eye Expert, Nektaria Petrou

Review of North of Hope by Shannon Huffman Polson, Karly Borden

Lauren F. Winner on the Writing Life, Ann Swindell

Celestial Bodies II, Melissa Weinman
Tree of Life, Melissa Weinman
Rosefire Series, Melissa Weinman
Seeds of Mercy, Melissa Weinman
Thresholds Series, Laura Carpenter Truitt
Before we figured it out, Laura Carpenter Truitt

Where There Is No Faith, a Hound, Holly Virginia Clark
Meadowland, Dave Harrity
Reverberation, Dave Harrity
Field of Blackbirds, Heather Derr-Smith
Sparrow, Heather Derr-Smith
Re: Union, Laurie Klein
Wife Psalm 2, Shann Ray
You, Breath on a Coal, John Fry
[Now I Ache at the Strange], John Fry
Day Four, Amanda Leigh Rogers
Day Five, Amanda Leigh Rogers
Job (War Survivor's Guilt), Hope Wabuke
Field, Roger Desy
Iscariot's Psalm, George David Clark
Original Sins, George David Clark
The Story You Heard, John Blair
Hard Pearl, John Blair
The One Thing, John Blair

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