Issue 33: Artist as Seer


Sometimes, artists can serve as a kind of seer, a person who cultivates a certain quality of attention, who practices wonder and seeing and then tells us about it.

In this issue, our contributors give us the eyes to see a pulsing frog heart on the kitchen table, a young miner’s daughter caring for her father’s canaries, and earthworms squirming on the sidewalks during the storm. They teach us to show up, to listen, to pay attention. And, with each image, we grow in our understanding of what it means to see the unseen.

FEATURING 2014 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize judged by Jeanne Murray Walker + 2014 Kalos Visual Art Prize judged by Mary McCleary

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Bless the Latter, Jaren Watson

Why I Must Dance Like Tony Manero, Sophfronia Scott

Across, Hilary White
Omega Point, Hilary White
Eternal New, Hilary White
Resurrectioner, Hilary White
and more
New Gothic Tapestry, Aaron Lee Benson
For the God Of Love, Aaron Lee Benson
Extreme Unction, Aaron Lee Benson
Immortality, Aaron Lee Benson
Breath Receives Light, Lisa Discepoli Line
Ephemerals: Yellow Trillium, Lisa Discepoli Line
Today is Born, Lisa Discepoli Line
Ephemerals: Virginia Bluebell, Lisa Discepoli Line

Review of The Apple Speaks by Becca J.R. Lachman, Kyli Sterling Larsen

Allegheny County, 1888: Ava Remembers Her Canaries, Emily Rose Cole
Pharoah's Wife Mourns Her Son, Emily Rose Cole
The Afterlife of Lepidopetra, Charity Gingerich
How to Say Creature Comforts in Winter, Charity Gingerich
Pasture Ode, J. Scott Brownlee
Earthworms and Their Various Takes on Rain, Amy Woschek Schmidt
Corpse Pose, Kim Garcia
Rapture, Berwyn Moore
Closing Shop, Kathleen Markowitz
Of Zippers and Nemesis Theory, Carolyn Moore
Alpaca, Carolyn Oxley
Mothers Day Plans, James Dickson
Apace, Or the Sound of Good Grasses, Kimberly Burwick 
Adam, Luke Hankins
Fermata, Elizabeth Chao
Aphasia, Elizabeth Chao
The Sturgeon Under the Snow, Kimberly Ann Priest
This God of My Waking, Jessica Thompson
Genesis, Abigail Carroll

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