Issue 31: Always, We Begin Again

There is so much grace in beginning again. The weight of repetition can sometimes feel like a burden or boring, but repetition reminds us of the beauty in our mundane tasks—like tucking in the kids at night, taking a shower, saying our prayers, saying I love you Just as repetition in lifting weights shapes our muscles, repetition with our families and our work and our prayer life has the power to shape our hearts and strengthen our minds.

In this issue, our contributors show us the tenuous beginnings of a caterpillar, the reinvention of family legacies, the debris of a devastating storm made new. They show us birth and rebirth, introducing us to the beautiful rhythms of always, every day, beginning again.

FEATURING Laura Sobbott Ross, Kimberly Priske, Micah Bloom + 2014 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize judged by Melissa Pritchard, First Place: Legacy by Lori Vos

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