Issue 28: Not Forgotten

To make art is, in many ways, to remember fully: to hold together all the hard and good truths as one interwoven whole. In this issue, our contributors packed our pages full of meditations about the nature of memory—the way our minds cling to details like smoke rings drifting to the ceiling, or grimy outline of a bird who flew into the window.

All of these voices bear witness to the power of memory and recollecting, speaking to the rich and varied meanings of remembering—from the song of memory, to remembering the dead, recalling the faces of our loved ones, and to the mercy of being content with memory.

FEATURING Lynn Domina, Craig Reinbold, S. Frederic Liss, Geoffrey Krawczyk + 2013 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize judged by Brian Doyle, winner Craig Reinbold

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