Issue 26: In the Margins

We long for words and images that we must underline, star and amen. It’s why we read and why we make art—to remember the truths we can so quickly forget. Art reminds us of the things or experiences that are not mainstream, are not often heard or acknowledged. In this issue, Laura Hennessy (the winner of the 2012 Kalos Art Prize), stunned us with her reinvention of disused books. She transformed these marginal objects—books that had lost their place—into what prize juror Bruce Herman called “mysterious presences.”

Other contributors in this issue help us to see things or people existing on the edges: a blind woman reading Braille with her lips, or a bright yellow shrub on the edge of Nevada highway. Reading these stories, we were reminded that—for those of us engaged in our own spiritual journeys--we’re all pilgrims traveling the margins, marking truth and loveliness in wild streams of color.

FEATURING Richard Cole, Heather M. Surls, Shannon Skelton, Laura Hennessy + 2012 Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize judged by Bruce Herman, winner Laura Hennessy

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