Issue 25: Unraveling the Dark


“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light,” wrote Madeline L’Engle in A Ring of Endless Light. In this issue, we invite you to consider the shadows, to look squarely, without fear, with honesty and compassion at the things we might rather avoid. We look at the murder of a boy in North Carolina, at bones coming to powdery ash, and reading poetry over graves. We reflect upon how we are, each of us, a marriage of glory and grime, saints and sinners.

This issue also features the winning and finalist poems for the Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize, with renowned poet Li-Young Lee serving as our finalist judge. The winning poem, “Necessary Work” by Nicole Rollender, gives us truthfully poignant images of life and death, like “the beautiful plum falling/from its long branch, then sweetly decomposing.” She, and all of the artists in this issue, show us how truth—and truth-telling—can unravel the dark.

FEATURING 2012 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize judged by Li-Young Lee

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Necessary Work, Nicole Rollender
Prelude, Nicole Rollender
What I Meant by Joy, Temple Cone
For Those Weary of Prayer, James Crews
Calling, James Crews
My Father Goes Out with a Chain in His Hand, Matthew Roth
Autumn, Michael Untch
Invocation, Shann Ray
Static In The Dark, Kelly Michels
When You Grow Up Catholic, Harry Bauld
Wait, Becca J.R. Lachman
I stopped writing the poem, Laurie Lamon
Warren, Gary J. Whitehead
What Euclid's Third Axiom Neglects to Mention about Circles, Carolyn Moore
Long After My Grandfather's Death, Wesley Rothman

The Dead Boy, Tony Woodlief
Landscape Painting, Robert McKean

Seeking the Elusive, Jane Hertenstein
A Narrative Break: On Reading after Crisis, Tarn Wilson

The Dawn That Comes Walking: A Review of American Masculine: Stories by Shann Ray, Rita Jones

Introspective, Aubrey Allison
Lamentations 3 Verse 2, Matthew Ballou
Lamentations 3 Verses 17 & 18, Matthew Ballou
Selected Works, Ivan de Monbrison
Selected Works, Ivan de Monbrison
Sunday Afternoon Street, Francis DiClemente
Dad: Side Angle, Francis DiClemente

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