Issue 24: Heirlooms


Heirlooms mark the places we’ve been, the places our people have been. They point us toward where we’re going. They are our placeholders, our stacks of stones, reminding us of what’s important. They are our heritage.

In this issue, our contributors share their own heirlooms with us. There’s the farmer’s dirt that “creams like black butter” between fingers, the girl holding her face in her hands, dead ladybugs that point us toward the Promised, the fossilized leaf. There’s string music, and teaching our daughters and sons the word “pray.” And there are hard things, too: dysfunction, poor genes, cancer. These are the things our contributors invite us to transform into beauty. In doing so, we leave behind a heritage richer and more lovely than before.

FEATURING 2012 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize judged by Leslie Leyland Fields

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Questions to the old farmer, Jill Reid
poem caused by watching a girl hold her face in her hands, David Spiering
My Brother Gets Us in Trouble & We Are Sent Outside, Meggie Monahan
Mortar, Christina McDaniel
Promised Land, M. Brett Gaffney
Meditation on the Nature of Prayer, Jennifer Atkinson
Honeymoon in Maine, Jonathan M. Devin
Overheard at a Big Box Hardware Store, Maryanne Hannan
Bluegrass, Lauren Shadd
Gas Line Fire, Estill County, Lindsey S. Frantz
Third Day of a Gale, Robb Jackson
Sons of Thunder, Ashley Caveda

Father of Disorder, Jessica Wilbanks
Shopping for Virgins, Lili Wright
Mud Fork Holler, Colleen Clayton
Shape of a Ghost, Bryan Parys

Review of Entering the House of Awe by Susanna Childress, Kristin George Bagdanov

Exposure, Paul Flippen
Projection, Paul Flippen
In Bloom, Paul Flippen
Close Reading, Paul Flippen
Stacked Experience, Katie Taylor Frisch
Twenty-seven Years in the Cambium, Katie Taylor Frisch
Day Logs, Katie Taylor Frisch
Branching 1, Katie Taylor Frisch

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