Issue 23: The Stories We Tell


The desire to pull together the pieces of our lives is intrinsic to our humanity, something with constantly do without knowing it. We desire to tell stories, and in this issue of Ruminate, our contributors teach us about what stories are, how they work, and, perhaps, why we crave them.

They tell us stories about the stories they were told, the stories they hoped for, the stories they hated. We read about red birds at a sports bar, parables in church, fisherman spreading their nets for the moon. These stories show us the way we weave our own lives into fable, piece by piece, and show us, ultimately, how this can be a life-giving act.

FEATURING 2012 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize winner 

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Year of the Probable Boom, Sandra Soli
An Old Tale, Heather Cousins
The Thaw, Jordan K. Walters
Spring, CJ Giroux
At the Shrine, Virginia Chase Sutton
The Bent World Broods, Walter Wangerin, Jr. 
Dowry, Judith Adkins
Fire Prevention Month, Judith Adkins
Germ, Niamh Corcoran
Snow in April, Jacqueline Kolosov
Oil-Covered Murre Washed up on Garnet Sands, Ken Meisel
Songs of Husks, Jen Dempsey
The Dog, Elizabeth Swann

My Dead Brother Teaches Me to Travel, Jeanne Murray Walker

Stories My Mother Told Me, Nahal Suzanne Jamir
Silo Factor, Christopher Yates

Review of Faith and Other Flat Tires by Andrea Palpant Dilley, Tamara Lang

Tethered, Jodi Hays
In Progress, Jodi Hays
Grilled, Sheri L. Wright
Hood, Aynslee Moon
Touch, Aynslee Moon
Red, Aynslee Moon
Cosmic, Aynslee Moon
Skin I, Angela Young

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