Issue 22: Up in the Air


Periods of ambiguity are intriguing (if a bit uncomfortable) because they are ripe with possibility. When we are “up in the air,” we are given the chance to grapple with the unknown, to encounter our finiteness. And when that happens, when it’s clear that things are no longer in our control, we come to the end of ourselves.

 In this issue, our contributors found themselves “up in the air” for a myriad of reasons: an unexpected illness, a new vocation, the glimpse of a blue heron flying low at dusk. And in which pause, each momentary suspension, they point us to find the gifts of the in-between.

FEATURING 2011 Visual Art Prize judged by Sandra Bowden

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Carp in Winter, Amanda Leigh Rogers
April Snow, Amanda Leigh Rogers
Father Daniel Says, Sarah Hulyk Maxwell
America Mix-Tape, Track 34, Jason Myers
Scandinavian Christmas, Sally Rosen Kindred
no Lazarus, Bryce Emley
Smoke and Cloud, Claudia M. Stanek
Hands, Tracy Youngblom
Down Here, Karina Borowicz
One Chance, Karina Borowicz
Apple Pastoral, Rob Cook
Lost in Translation, James Dickinson
To Mark the Place, Dave Harrity

Outside Metaphor, James Silas Rogers
Virgin, Deja Earley

Raffle, Peter Mitchell Lawniczak

Review of Mending a Tattered Faith by Susan VanZanten, Paul Delaney

The Fisherman, David Bogus
The Optimist Luggage, David Bogus
Have a Chair, Nancy Teague
i1, Micah Bloom
i2, Micah Bloom
i3, Micah Bloom
and more

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