Issue 21: Grief


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In the hands of artists, a difficult topic like grief can be given handles, places to hold on to. And while we’re holding, the artist can point our vision to something we might not have seen before or place our fingers on something we thought was too difficult to touch.

This is true of the talented contributors gathered here, who had a lot to say about grief. Grief that exists in divorce, death, goodbyes, lost babies, lost love, disease, or just feeling lost—reminding us of all the pain of this world but also of the beauty that can exist in ashes. In this issue, we are reminded that we can stand to have our hearts moved, even wrenched, a little more often—because we want to be softened to the suffering (and the joys) of this world.

FEATURING 2011 McCabe Poetry Prize judged by Naomi Shihab Nye

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In Bridgewater, my room, Adrianne Smith
El Mission San Esteban del Ray, Adrianne Smith
On Home, Adrianne Smith
Suspension, Kendra Langdon Juskus
My Fifth-Grade Teacher, Mr. Dolan, Tells Us About Menstruation, Matthew Burns
One Month After Miscarriage, Michelle Tooker
Antidote to Narcissus, Christopher Martin
And Now I Touch a Match to New-Laid Wood, Beth Paulson
In Praise of Insulation, David Feela
Good Friday, Maureen Doyle McQuerry 
Crucifixion of Saint Peter, David Oestreich
Mamie-Belle, Mary Kathryn Wiley
Wild Cilantro, Elizabeth Biller Chapman
Elegy for the Star Struck, Bethany Carlson
How Great a Struggle I Have For You, Tania Runyan
To Robert Ripley, Dyanna Herron

So Great a Cloud, Jessie van Eerden
Something Carries Through, Tyler McCabe 

Woman Underwater, Nancy Priff

Torn Again: A Review of Every Riven Thing by Christian Wiman, D.S. Martin

Dad's Gone Home, Deborah Sheldon
The Leaving Is the Hard Part, Deborah Sheldon
Down the Road, Sarah McFalls
Angle of a Dream, Joel Sheesley
Portage, Joel Sheesley
Dream at a Crossroads, Joel Sheesley
and more

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