Issue 20: Feasting

To feast is to delight. This issue, our contributors teach us what it means to live with a heart ready to be delighted, eyes trained to spot moments worth of a feast.

They delight in pistachios, red wine, rosemary, potatoes, olives, water. They feast on the beauty of dead grass and Van Gogh, and even look at life absent of feasting, considering what it would be like to follow a life-promising diet that’s free of high-fructose corn syrup, cell phones, and boys. They lead us to the table of delight, and leave us with the desire for more—a desire for the true banquet, the feast of all feasts.

FEATURING Jeffrey G. Dodd, A.J. Kandathil, Stefani Rossi + 2011 Ruminate Nonfiction Prize judged by Al Haley, winner Josh MacIvor-Andersen

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