Issue 16: Mapping This Place


Art maps our lives. Remembering is a calling, and therefore, so is mapping. How powerful it is when we attentively remember the past and all the provisions we’ve been given! We need the monuments, like Joshua’s pile of rocks in the Jordan, so that in that in the future, when we’re asked, “What do these stones mean?” we can answer.

In this issue, our contributors build monuments on rooftops, in Sri Lankan clinics, on salted sidewalks, and on the back pages of children’s Bibles. They spread the maps of their lives before us, pointing us toward the landscape and histories we all share.

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FEATURING Leif Nikunen, Scott Cairns, Tania Ruyan, Deborah Joy Corey, David Hicks

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Doors Among Trees, Jae Newman
Wired Jaw, Jae Newman
Geocentricity, Patricia L. Hamilton
Thirst, Patricia L. Hamilton
Kol Nidre, Scott Cairns
For Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, Tania Runyan
For They Shall Be Called Children of God, Tania Runyan
The Value of Salt, Alan Berecka
The Harvest, Jonathan Austin Peacock
Fragments after the 51st Psalm, Benjamin Myers
Mid-Winter: Clarksville, Arkansas, Benjamin Myers
Autumn claims my bones, Heather Cadenhead
Love Song for Elimelech, Heather Cadenhead
Small Pebbles in the Heart, Dane Cervine

Generation, Mollie Murray
Ironpaws, Leif Nikunen

Relations, 1968, Deborah Joy Corey

Hope, Frida Sasson
Sow (Jerusalem/New York), Kristin Brenneman Eno
He turned their waters into blood (Tigris/Mississippi), Kristin Brenneman Eno
Lead, Kindly, Light, Kathleen Gunton
Blood Donor, David Hicks
Eschatological Barbeque, David Hicks
Self Portrait as Saint, David Hicks
and more 

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