Issue 14: With Earnest Jest


Weighty truths can come from humor; knowledge from fools; and that very act of play is an act of wisdom. In this issue, we pause and look closer, asking questions like, “What if I were a Lodgepole pine?” and consider the architecture of humor, the weight of a heavy anti-superhero.

All of these contributors, and indeed, our own human experiences, invite us to engage in jest—in writing a poem, in dreaming up a character, or practicing laughter. If we accept this invitation, we are granted a perspective that is humble with its childlike openness and can reveal the colors, bumps, and contours of the life that He gives us.

FEATURING Nels Hanson, Amber Folland, Jennifer Merri Parker, Luci Shaw, David Feela, Scott Kolbo

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Only Fire, Laura Sobbott Ross
Fireflies, Laura Sobbott Ross
Ethernet, Carole F. Stabler
Sabbath Blessings, Paulette Mitchell Lein
Date with Gerald and the Mascarpone, Courtney King Kampa
My friend Franklin is a theologian, Jane Beal
Foretold, Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck
Weekend Plans, David Holper
Sincerity, Colette Tennant
My Father—King of Friday Night, Colette Tennant
On the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Christina Manweller
Why I Write, Richard Spilman
Scandal, Jennifer Merri Parker
The Shadow the Barn Casts, David Feela
Sunday Morning, David Feela
Consider, Luci Shaw
Fog at Mendocino, Mary Van Denend

Montana Freefall, Nels Hanson
The End of a Long Season, Amber Folland

Heavy Man series, Scott Kolbo
Grid of Beauty, Sublimity, and Grotesquery, Detail, Scott Kolbo
The Fool Left at the Table, Tim Timmerman
Traveler, Tim Timmerman

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