Issue 12

We all have a capacity for beauty. In a sense, we are all “expecting,” just waiting for a moment of beauty to induce new life, new words, new saints—even new openings.

In this issue of Ruminate, our artists and contributors dance around and through those moments of beauty—they let us feel the agony of waiting for beauty when all of life seems destroyed by despair; they let us feel the tremulous beginnings of joy at the end of a storm. We find beauty in cathedrals and underwater caves, in the love of two suffering parents for their dying child. Through it all, this issue asks us to find beauty, wherever it may be.

FEATURING Matthew Ira Swaye, Richard Sederstrom, Sarah Estes Graham, Tyrus Clutter

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Karen Kelsay
Creating a Pastoral Scene

Patricia Butler
The Uninvited Goat 

John Philip Johnson
The Ascension

Sarah LeNoir
When You Were Being Made New

Ashlee M. Davidson
Apology to a Beggar Woman on the Steps of Notre Dame

Leland James
Hard Candy Lace

Sarah Estes Graham
Cave Air
Golden-Haired Mary 

Eric Potter

Jenny Gillespie
Proud Warrior 

Richard Sederstrom

Rosanne Osborne
The Passion

Barbara Crooker

Matthew Ira Swaye

Tony Woodlief
The Glass Child

Tyrus Clutter
Altarpiece of the Martyrdom of St. Bon
Altarpiece of St. Thomas Eliot 
Altarpiece and Reliquary of St. Joseph
Altarpiece and Reliquary of St. George

Natalie Salminen Rude
Pattern of Chance
Grace for the Fallen

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