Issue 10: Reverie


Good art gives us the chance to ponder, muse, and meditate, or sometimes, even become lost in reverie. In this issue, our contributors usher us into these moments of contemplation, suspension, and melancholy in gardens and county fairs, wintry meadows and dark-lit stages. Although this may not be the tidiest process, it allows for freedom, wandering, and soul-searching. 

Our contributors offer us the opportunity to have these moments of stillness and even worship, which each of us need and even crave. And this, they remind us, in and of itself, is worth seeking.

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To Dana Goldstein, Liz Laribee

Long Beach, Dora Dueck
Ascension, Marcy Campbell

Fairy Ring and more, Jeff Foster
Pearl #7, Stand Clear of Chopping Blocks, and more, Paula Peacock

Peace Dreams of a Body, Laurie Klein
Tethers, Laurie Klein
Abounding Gifts, Brian Lowry
After Tornado, Chris Haven
Afternoon Poem, Catherine Fiorello
The Flute of All Your Sorrow, Karsten Piper
The Masses Flock to Shoreline Drive, Sara Kaplan
Paddling the Salmon River, Sara Kaplan
Lorca at 5am, Jason Irwin
Longing in a Light Bulb, Kelly Wilson
A revival in Pepe's Pizza, South Phoenix, AZ, Jason Jonker
Public Transit, Renee Emerson
From Home, Renee Emerson 
Vessel, Leslie Bohn
Sleep in Stone, Leslie Bohn
Mary Magdalene, Janis Lull
Eucharist, Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Julian Was an Anchoress, Kevin Shaw
Dry Bones, Ellen D. Tucker

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