Issue 09: Communion


Communion and community. The body and blood. These are timeless themes, ones that have brought writers and artists together for centuries. In this issue, many of our contributors—and our poetry prize-winners—explore embodiment and disembodiment, the ties that bind and the ones that imprison. We see our common life through the eyes of a grave-digger, beauty in a moldering circus, and God under a sweetgum tree.

In this issue, our contributors ask us to acknowledge each other—to taste and see the life we share.

FEATURING the 2008 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize judged by Luci Shaw

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Calling, Jo Scott-Coe

Thieves' Weather, 1996, Leif Nikunen

Donkey #3, Evan Mann
Donkey #1, Evan Mann
Creation series, Evan Mann
Donkey #2, Evan Mann

Walking this labyrinth, Mary E. O'Dell
Safekeeping, Mary E. O'Dell
Down by the River, Ellen Birkett Morris
Out of the Eater, Brian White
Confession, Julie L. Moore
The first time I saw A shooting star, Julie L. Moore
Digging a grave, David Feela
No Moon, David Feela
Jonah's Revelation, Misty Anne Winzenried
Rebirth, Ellaraine Lockie
Return, David Wright
The Birds Are Falling, Lauren Dobay
Privacy, Lauren Dobay
Mist, Leland James
American Sweetgum, Sally Rosen Kindred
Apple Night, Sally Rosen Kindred
Pilgrimage, Sally Rosen Kindred
River Cabin, William R. Stoddart
The Circus Beautiful, Richard Sederstrom
The Widow's Lament in Autumn, Shanna Powlus Wheeler
Rehearsals, Mary Van Denend
Waterhouse, Mary Van Denend
Heth, David Harrity
Kaph, David Harrity
Semekh, David Harrity
Postcard, Yellowstone, Jennifer Stewart 

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