Issue 07: Addiction

Addiction has many stories and many threads. For some of our contributors, addiction led them to profound places where the circular becomes a vehicle for movement and growth. Other contributors’ stories enlarge the circle of addition, revealing its significance to all of us: how we are all broken, all touched by cycles of gluttony, obsession, consumption, and control. These cycles exist in the most surprising of places: on opening night, in Cinderella’s glass slipper, in hollandaise sauce.

Their stories demand that we see how we are all unmade by our addictions. Just as importantly, they suggest that it is the act of rendering our messy, messy circles that spurs us toward awareness of a God who restores and remakes upon every return.


FEATURING Linda McCullough Moore, Christopher J. Gaumer, Jeffry C. Davis, Deanne Moulten

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