Issue 06: Epiphany


In this issue, our contributors catch epiphanies in moments of simple transformation. "Snapping peas between my teeth” feels like grace, “neutrons splitting isotopes” astound, a cup of coffee “dissolves dreams, satisfies, and bides time,” and a photograph in a newspaper reminds us that joy is possible in the midst of intense suffering.

Perhaps, this issue suggests, the role of epiphany is to wake us to the extraordinary offerings of ordinary life.

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Simple Science, Bethany Carlson
Laundry, Jessie van Eerden

Black Jack and Sacrifice, Colleen J. Clayton-Dipolito
Klara's Boy, Stephanie Dickinson

The Face of a Saint, Brittney Williams
Catch, Brittney Williams
Be Calm, Brittney Williams
Mother and Child, Julie Pointer
Dover, Vincent Berquez
The Road to Taller, Vincent Berquez
And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this, Joy Deeann Carson
She spent all she had and was not helped at all, Joy Deeann Carson

Shotgun Favorite, Bethany Carlson
Newspaper Photo, Luke Hankins
Easter Baking, Lisa Roney
Center piece, Felicia Zamora
I Find God Out Back, Sally Rosen Kindred
Flood Watch, Sally Rosen Kindred
Mariposa Grove, Paul Willis
Red Rock Falls, Paul Willis
Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Mother, Leonore Wilson
Abiding, Barbara Adams
What Saves Us, Mary Van Denend  
Lost & Found, Mary Van Denend 
A Thousand Geese, Mary Van Denend
Another Flesh, David Oestreich
A Weekly Apocalypse, David Oestreich
Epiphany, Hannah Faith Notess
Returning to the Psalms of Lament, Hannah Faith Notess
Gathering South Asia Through Our Eyes, Mary Ann Sullivan
Questions for the Agent, Michael Creighton 
Apologies to the Shakarkandi Wallah, Michael Creighton
All in a Day, Grace Albritton 

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