Issue 05: Flux

Flux is unsettling. But it is also lively. And on some occasions, this combination generates great things. In this issue, our contributors have captured flux’s generative nature, finding it in parables and on playgrounds, in family trees and on mini golf courses.The existence of flux is part of why we buy thumbtacks and hang Post-its, attempting to nail some things—anything—down.

Because, as so many of them have pointed out, we want a place to start, a square of words to hold on to, a God that doesn’t alter, and an eternity that doesn’t end. This issue is made up of letters and lines and squares of paper that invites us to revel in the flux, perhaps precisely because of the fixedness he offers.

FEATURING M. David Hornbuckle, Liz Laribee, Martha Krystaponis, Brian Lowry, Albert Haley, Holly Hudson

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