Issue 04: Benedictio


What does it mean to receive the benediction, the priestly blessing, the ending, or in Greek, the good word?  Perhaps because of the wars, the climate, the unrest, and the urgency of now, for many of this isssue's contributors, benedicto was a blessing through the pain- calling for ruminating, chewing, and also swallowing.

Perhaps this is what it means to rise now- to stand with our wounded faces lifted upward, both receiving and creating the benediction, adding to the canon, healing, shivering.

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Self-Interview of a Video Artist, Chris Miner

Crows and Ravens, Linda McCullough Moore
Thirdonesacharm, Lawrence Dorr
His Angst Said, "Depression and Daughters Cannot Be Dismissed Esoterically", Daniel Gallik
The Grace I Know, Tony Woodlief

Spectroscopy, Latifah Al-Attas
Room, Latifah Al-Attas
Self Portrait and more, Christopher Miner
Jacob's Dream Sunrise, Jack Maxwell
Ascending and Descending: Jacob's Dream, Jack Maxwell

Frankenblessed, Jennie Mejan
Caresses of Divisions, Patrick Baron
At the Waco Baptist Church, Brett DeFries
Litany with Braille, Brett DeFries
Anger like Billy's bedspread, Michael M. Marks
Recipe, Diane Tucker
The Sudden Rain, Diane Tucker
Ms. Vredevoogd, Calvin Christian Jr. High, Jason Jonker
When the Communion Wafer Fell to the Ground, Josh Kalscheur
At Jesus Station, Josh Kalscheur
Purgatory, Josh Kalscheur
Self-pectations, Aby Kaupang
Heavier light leaves, Aby Kaupang
A loner refurbishes some tangle in the loveseat, Aby Kaupang
Sun Step, Jonathan Larson
Goldfish, P.D. Gray
Manna, Stephanie Walker
Among My Father's Belongings, Stephanie Walker

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