Issue 02: Humor's Grace


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Billy Collins said that humor is a door to the serious; it seems that humor is also a door to grace. In this issue, we discovered this door opening unto comics and being short enough to miss the bullet, holy chickens, and ordinary objects (flamingos and origami to name a few), the possibilities of runaway truck ramps, dreams about Noah, letters to E. B. White, the alphabet, and his multitudes. We have discovered that humor is intuitional; it is wit and irony and sarcasm, mood altering, whimsical and full of delight. And when it is really good, it is grace.

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Meditation, Shirtless, Josh Mackin
The Edge of the Unknown, Ellen Fangman
The Tenure Rabbit, Shari Stenberg

Taking the Runaway Truck Ramp, Susanna Childress
Noah and Company, Stephen Sangirardi

II Pollo Santo, Kathryn Robison
Building blocks and more, Katie Hayden
Bang, Mat Barton
Crazy, Mat Barton
Out of Bounds, Eric Smith 

My Husband's First Sinus Infection of Our Marriage, Susanna Childress
The First Few Weeks, Susanna Childress
Heart's Delight, Carl Leggoc
Beyond the Alphabet, Carl Leggoc
Multitudes, David Feela 
The Evolution of Lint, David Feela
Bless Me, David Feela
How to Answer a Poet, Joy Sawyer
Present Yourself, Margaret D. Smith
Trees are clapping, Margaret D. Smith
Winter leaves about to, Margaret D. Smith
Life Work, Jeremiah Webster

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