Issue 01: Chewing on Life



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In our very first issue, we were lucky to have such great artists submitting, chewing, believing in the task at hand. Over time, it became apparent that the theme we had playfully picked was richer and more satisfying than we first knew. For it just so happens that Chewing on Life occurs at the end of a pier, is as real as a cow’s cud, as big as the blues and The Classics, as particular as a well-made pie and as substantial as the communion table.

To create is to chew. To believe is to chew. Take and eat. And cheers to a good meal.

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Jesus Took the Bus to Chicago, Al Haley
Meditation on the Magi, Bethan Holland
Weight of Words, Laura Peterson

Angels Don't Sleep, Leif Peterson
Black Leather Shoes, Alexa Behmer

Rhino, Nicholas Price
Family Portrait and more, Cole Thompson 

La Gloria Taqueria, Hannah Faith Notess
Omnipresence, Age Five, Hannah Faith Notess
Tao Te Ching Agape, David Von Schlichten
Communion, David Von Schlichten
Armed with stones we've forgotten, Laurie Klein
What's Left Over, Laurie Klein
Intercession in Oils, Laurie Klein
Take, Drink, Debra Rienstra
Resilience, Debra Reinstra
Tribute, Alohi Ae'a
Kuleana, Alohi Ae'a
A Fish Story, Paul Willis
Modern Language, Paul Willis
Sacrifice, Paul Willis

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