Keep Ruminate Alive

We heard from many of you who asked us to extend our campaign...thank you for caring about Ruminate! Good news: we are still accepting donations and all proceeds from subscriptions and gift subscriptions will still go towards the campaign. But our little staff just ran a marathon, and we'll now be switching gears to work on the Winter Issue, so we won't be actively promoting the campaign. We'll take the next week or so to meet with our board and staff and decide the next step for Ruminate. We'll definitely keep you all posted. We're so close to our goal of $60,000, and we can't believe all the support we received--thank you! Questions? Check out our FAQ here.   

TOTAL RAISED: $40,000 and counting...

Donations from checks, subscriptions, & monthly pledges:

                       $ 18,230                      

Donations from website pledges: