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"...stories are holy and nutritious and crucial. Stories change lives; stories save lives. ... They crack open hearts, they open minds."
-Brian Doyle, award-winning author and Ruminate contributor
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For fourteen years, Ruminate has inspired thousands of people who are seeking nourishment in their creative and spiritual lives. And it's been our deep pleasure to be an open door and welcoming space for this community. As we consider the future of Ruminate, we have identified a need to build a community of supporters invested in the long-term sustainability of our operations. We are launching a campaign to raise the critical funds we need not only to sustainably carry Ruminate through the end of 2020, but confidently into the future so that we can continue to serve and inspire this community. Can you join us?
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Each new monthly donor and one-time donations allows us to establish the financial stability necessary to sustain our work. We're grateful for the privilege of leading this brave community of creatives and contemplatives, and we hope you will become a part of a foundation that can sustain Ruminate for many years to come.
"Ruminate is gorgeous and continues to forward
such profound work into the world."
—Shann Ray, recipient of Ruminate's 2010 Short Story Prize and author of American Masculine (winner of the American Book Award) and American Copper (winner of the Foreword Book of the Year Readers' Choice Award)
"For me, supporting Ruminate is easy and it always comes down to this—the writing, the way the language bends the light and encourages me to pause even for a moment and reconnect to my heart."
—Lekeishua Arthur, Ruminate subscriber

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"Who knows what atomic energies are unleashed by a solitary man or woman quietly encountering some arrangement of language that gives their being—shunted aside by chores and fears and who knows what—back to them?"
—Christian Wiman
A note from Ruminate contributor Melissa Reeser Poulin

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