Ruminate exists for our fellow writers, artists, believers, and seekers who want a space to share good stories, poetry, and art, including the stories and work of those who are nudged forward, backwards, and sideways on the spiritual journey.

We began fashioning Ruminate in April of 2006 between prayers of doubt and hope, the birth of children, and the everyday busy-ness of grad school and day jobs. Our readers have journeyed with us, making us the contemplative magazine we are today. We invite slowing down, paying attention, and living awake. We love laughter. And we delight in telling the truth, asking questions, and doing "small things with great love," as Mother Theresa said.

As a a non-profit, we are supported by and in community with our readers, chewing together on the mysteries of life, faith, and art. Ruminate is, and always will be an act of faith, and it's our privilege to learn and grow in compassion, curiosity, and creativity alongside our readers.

Join us!