Issue 56: Expression

Issue 56 celebrates Expression—varieties of expression, shifts in expression, and our desire and resolution to express even when under constraints.

Featuring the William Van Dyke Short Story prizewinning stories “Little to Do with Rain” by Leigh Claire Schmidli and “Occupation Rock and Roll” by Etan Nechin as well as Alberto Daniels’s short story “La Bruja.”

This issue releases mid-September.  


Occupation Rock and Roll, Etan Nechin

La Bruja, Alberto Daniels

Little to Do with Rain, Leigh Claire Schmidli 


Coneflowers, Isaac Villegas 

Visual Art

The art of Eilish McCormick

 The art of Pace Taylor  


Apparitions, Susannah Lodge-Rigal

I Imagine a Space Beneath My Lungs Where It’s Quiet, Susannah Lodge-Rigal

 Darwin Tends His Orchids, Twila Newey

Dearest Charles, Twila Newey

Search Window, Gabriel Furshong

Ode to 6C, Nicole Lachat

The Two-Body Problem, Brandon Thurman

Chronicles of Strangers in Dialogue, Wale Ayinla

Compendium, Natalie Homer

 I Had Wanted to Write, Jason Tandon

 Watershed, Christian, Anton Gerard 

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