Issue 46: A Way Through


This issue does not reveal the way through or even promise that one exists. Nor does it advise how one should get through a day, a life, or even a poem. It merely offers the possibility of a path..." —Kristin George Bagdanov, Ruminate Poetry Editor

FEATURING the 2017 Kalos Visual Art Prize recipients awarded by judge Steve Prince. Cover art by Eloisa Guanlao. 

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It Is This, Craig Reinbold

The Ballad of Rotor Ken, Doug Cornett
The Way the Sun Smiles on the Creek, Anna Trujillo
Mains Hum, Will Jones

The art of Eloisa Guanlao
The art of Janet McKenzie

Dear Phil, Jeff Whitney
antiphons from a prodigal prayerbook, John Fry
debris field, John Fry
When the Fire Came, Logan February
Still Life with Fallen Ash, Logan February 
Fluorescent, Jessica Yuan
Land Management, Chera Hammons
Black Horse I Am Breaking, Chera Hammons
Yesterday, As If Swimming, Cameron Alexander Lawrence
Maundy Thursday, Hannah Kroonblawd
Mangrove Boardwalk, Kasia Clarke
Outside the Rothko Chapel, Where Big John's Eyes Appeared upon the Canvas on the Eastern Wall, Jesse Bertron
Returning to Earth, Todd Davis

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