Issue 43: Opening the Door


Life is full of open and closed doors—those moments when we did or didn't extend kindness to ourselves, to friends, to family, or to strangers. 

In this issue, we explore these opened and closed doors, learning through honest storytelling and art about crossing the threshold and how opening the door is a small but profound step toward kindness and hospitality.

FEATURING  2017 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize recipients Sonja Livingston, Anne Boyle, and M. Sophia Newman—awarded by judge Josh MacIvor-Andersen

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Like This, We Begin: An Essay in Two Photographs, Sonja Livingston
The Seven Stages of Not Eating, Anne Boyle
Oh, Hi, M. Sophia Newman
Allah Loves Beauty, Isaac S. Villegas
In the Absence of a Cure, Won McIntosh

Fair Friends, Rhonda Cyr
The art of Nicholas Sironka
The art of Daniel Kytonen

Kindness, Naomi Shihab Nye
Just Before, Lauren Camp
Only Hope Without Rescue, Lauren Camp
Mantra, Erin Slaughter
On the Death of a Boy in Brooklyn, Michael Brown, Jr. 
Portraiture Lesson, Maya Pindyck
Portraiture Lesson 2, Maya Pindyck
April & Elegy, Jesse Curran
Biopsy, Jonathan McGregor
At Kafka's Grave, I Repent, Ariel Francisco
Ojai Flying, Ephraim Scott Sommers
Little Mermaid, Virginia Konchan
Monster Psalm #14, Melissa Atkinson Mercer
Depth of Field, Sandra Marchetti
Part or Particle of God, Mary Buchinger
NPR's Science Friday at the Intersection of Grant and 24th, Alex Mouw

Issue No. 43: Opening the Door from Ruminate Magazine on Vimeo.

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