Issue 30: The Body


To be human is to be amphibious, as C. S. Lewis reminds us, creatures of spirit and creatures of flesh.

Our contributors wrestle with the inherent weakness of the body in the face of car accidents and tragedy; they explore the wonder of the senses, of rainstorms and the taste of sea salt. We meditate on the ruddiness of pomegranates and our shadows on the dunes. And in these stories, we begin to understand what it means to be reflections of the Incarnation.

FEATURING 2013 Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize judged by Joel Sheesley

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Counting Apples, Michelle Webster-Hein

Dog Years, Eric Sheridan Wyatt

Oбряд (Rite), Alla Bartoshchuk
Розмова (Conversation), Alla Bartoshchuk
Рoздум (Meditation), Alla Bartoshchuk
and more
Prayer Corner, Steve A. Prince
Genesis: In The Beginning, Steve A. Prince
Behold, Steve A. Prince
and more
Madonna of the Laptop, Ashley Norwood Cooper
Night Secrets, Ashley Norwood Cooper
No Vacancy, Ashley Norwood Cooper
and more

Review of This Road Will Take Us Closer to the Moon by Linda McCullough Moore, Rita Jones

A Kitchen in Beaufort, NC, Following Your Father's Death, Kit Soleil
Jung's Shadow and Matthew 4:16, Marci Rae Johnson
The Last and Emptiest Day of Summer, Rob Cook
The Substitute Teacher, Rob Cook
Forgiveness, Rachel Heimowitz
Sweetgum, Julia Cariño
The Yoke, Brad Davis
Self Portrait w/ Icon, Brad Davis
Salt, David Faldet
Hands, Kevin McLellan
Vespers, Abigail Carroll
In Gratitude, Abigail Carroll
Pilgrimage, Joseph Fasano
Shirt, Joseph Fasano
The Idle Hours, John Blair
On What We Wear, a Journey, Timothy Kercher

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